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Introduction 介紹
We are dedicated to nurturing the young to excel academically and personally. To strive for the best, we educate our students in a loving and relaxing atmosphere.
Leslie, our founder, is a professional English teacher. With ample teaching experience in English, Leslie is strong in helping students build up a solid foundation in English. We are glad that past students have shown excellent performance in public exams. The great number of distinctions and credits attained by our students every year is a strong proof.
We hope that our sincerity and commitment in education can bring our students a successful life in the future.
任教的歷屆學生,成績優異;公開考試合格率達 99%;成績優異者更是不計其數。
•早年已接受報章SCMP、HONG KONG STANDARD訪問,討論現今學生之英語水平,學生於學習英語時之態度。
•曾接受《香港電台》 「會考專線」訪問其考試要訣及教學心得。


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